Ten best uses of Buttons, our new digital inclusion tool

In February we launched Buttons, our new and improved digital inclusion tool, which helps you make lists of websites you like or want to share with others. Buttons was a Tech4Good winner in 2011 and it’s great to see that our users are still finding great ways to use the site.

Here are our ten favourite sets of Buttons created by our users:

  1. The Depression Alliance, set up this wonderful resource of help, support and advice for people suffering with depression
  2. Ben created this great list of podcasts worth listening to (and how to subscribe if you’ve not done it before)
  3. Don’t go to the Le Marche region of Italy without first checking out these
  4. Chris created these to encourage new internet users to do their shopping online by pointing out some common shopping sites
  5. These are useful for old and new users alike: resources for staying safe online
  6. Tim is using Buttons as a campaigning tool, and to reach an audience who aren’t on Facebook
  7. Fil made this set for fellow lovers of films about motorbikes
  8. Ms. Hayward is using the site to guide a class in a history lesson
  9. Viz is helping internet newbies with their personal finance
  10. And last but not least, Bruce Springsteen fan Kitty set these Buttons up for fellow fans


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