The Challenge

There are around 1.5 billion young people in the world today

40% of the population is under 24 years of age


UNICEF and Wellcome are united behind the idea that young people deserve to have a say in the big issues that are shaping the world: the decisions made today will be the consequences they face tomorrow.

Together they are supporting a global participatory research project exploring how to increase young people’s involvement in shaping solutions for global challenges.

Our response

Shift’s research team

  • Leading the UK based research work
  • Working with Beatfreaks, the youth engagement and insight agency
  • Surfacing the factors that encourage young people and science research to engage one another
  • Building a team of young co-leads aged 13-25 to design this participatory research with us
  • Undertalking research primarily through social networks.

Shift’s creative team

  • Designing up and socialising the research findings from across the global programme
  • Targeting people working in health, science, development and humanitarian programming who could better involve young people in their research, policy making and practice.
  • Working with a team of young creatives from around the world aged 13-25
  • Created an identity for the programme and an online hub (
  • Publishing insights from large-scale participatory research work  – including youth-led community radio, news broadcasting and social media research
  • Research activity happening in 12 countries across West Africa, East and Southern Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and the UK.


A bigger role for young people in health & science research

January 26, 2022

Young authors explore how they can play a bigger role in health and science research. Supported by Wellcome and Beatfreeks.



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