The challenge

Fair Finance is a social business that offers lending and advice services to people who struggle to access mainstream credit. Key to delivering effective services is a deep understanding of its customers’ needs – and how these change in times of crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic.

The lockdown was horrible, like being in prison. We’ve always had enough money to go on holidays, buy our grandchildren presents, buy good food […] Now it’s all gone.

Miguel, 55, research participant

Our response

In-depth user research with nine Fair Finance customers who were carefully selected to reflect the diversity of its customer base. The resulting insights brought to light customers’ different lives and experiences, the kinds of support they may need, and any barriers that prevent them getting that support.


Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on Fair Finance customers

December 3, 2020

User research exploring the lives, experiences and support needs of Fair Finance customers in the context of the pandemic.