The Challenge

Not all employers offer what’s needed to retain an older workforce or recognise the benefits of doing so. We’re working with the government and employers to create the right conditions for more people over 50 to be in fulfilling work.

Centre for Ageing Better

In the UK, employment rates drop after the age of 55 – and over half of people have stopped working before state pension age. Supporting people to be in good quality, fulfilling work, for as long as possible, is important for their financial security in later life. There’s a huge need for employers to be more age-friendly, through flexible working, fairer recruitment and training, and by actively recognising the contribution older workers make.

Our approach

I love the banter at work, having a life, getting out and seeing people.

Gavin, Jobseeker

We’re taking a phased approach to this challenge with the Centre for Ageing Better. In our first phase, Shift supported the team with mixed-method research to more deeply understand people’s real experiences of work, redundancy risk and jobseeking, and to surface the key opportunities to make a difference.

The second phase involves co-designing, prototyping and piloting new and adapted services to support over 50s into fulfilling work, especially after redundancy.

So far…

  • Rapid evidence review including 2 expert lightning talks
  • Provision mapping of 150+ services
  • Interviews with 5 service providers
  • User research including a storytelling workshop and in-depth conversations with 9 over 50s
  • Identifying key opportunities from the breadth of research insights, ready for Phase 2 testing


With thanks to Amelia Woods.




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