The Challenge

Low-income single parents face significant financial pressures. The introduction of Universal Credit, combined with low wage growth, and increasing cost of living are exacerbating an already difficult situation. An unexpected event like a funeral or broken down boiler can push people into financial crisis.

There are many sources of support and good advice available to single parents, but often they don’t find out about things that could have helped until it’s too far down the line.

This is the sort of app that I would use and find invaluable, lots of relevant information in a single place.

Single parent during concept testing

Our Response

A mobile app where single parents and money experts share family finance tips and tricks, developed with Gingerbread.

Our experience with Shift has been positive and productive, beginning to end. Their expertise and guidance has allowed us to make informed, research-led decisions for the betterment of the single parent families we work with.

Olivia Smith, Communications & Digital Manager, Gingerbread

So far…

  • Almost 50 hours spent with single parents to develop concept
  • Validated with 330 parents
  • 79% of single parents found it difficult to tap into the collective knowhow of other single parents
  • 70% of parents said they would download app
  • Development plan for digital product in place including theory of change and sustainability plan





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