Helping the US National Archives take a user- centered design approach to their outreach and engagement

The Challenge

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) documents materials created in the course of business conducted by the United States Federal government. They wanted to increase public engagement and reuse of their newly-digitized collection of World War I moving and still images. We worked with NARA to help them work across internal units, identify communities that could benefit the most through reuse of NARA content, understand the needs of these communities, and focus content for greatest impact.

Our Solution

We assisted the agency in carrying out a user-centered design process to analyze target audiences, identify new ways of searching and accessing the content, and reaching new communities of users. We designed and created a tablet application for use in classrooms & communities to explore the history of WWI through crowd-sourced data and freely available content.

Stats & Facts

  • First time WWI film segments had been mapped, from training camp to battlefield
  • Published new collections of films and photos of women at war, African Americans, Native Americans and others
  • 2k+ pieces of rarely seen content in the collection
  • 80+ thematic collections created for free use in classrooms and community museums


Remembering WWI App
National Genealogical Society, 27th October, 2016


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