The Problem

The culture and capacity of the social sector is overly focused on the short-term delivery outputs of social products and services. It neglects the importance of developing a strong concept and continuously iterating the solution to increase its social value, user value and financial value.

The Solution

A model to help social products, services and programmes work through three development stages in order to make the progress towards deep and lasting impact.

So far…

  • Supported by 7 major UK funders
  • 100+ social organisations consulted during development


Driving continuous improvement: Insights from funding social tech

November 2, 2017

Commentable version here. Report giving a ​set of ​5 insights and 8 practical recommendations on how funders and social organisations can work together better to ensure ​that progress ​and ​improvement of social products, services and programmes is given adequate attention. 

Nick Stanhope and Naomi Stoll


Social-good technology initiative begins
Third Sector Magazine, Dec 2017