Helping the UK's leading children's charity better understand its position in the market

The Challenge

NSPCC wants to maximise its impact by concentrating on activities where it plays a sector-leading role, but can’t do this without a more comprehensive, and up to date, understanding of the fast evolving children services’ landscape in which it operates.

Shift were incredibly quick at understanding the range of our work, amassing insight and providing a framework that has stimulated new conversations. We appreciated the care they took to build and present a clear story. They’ve given us an additional set of lenses to help us focus on achieving the best for children.

Maria Tuck, Head of Impact, NSPCC

The Solution

After an initial market segmentation, we compiled a database of other provision in each of 40+ sub-segments, in order to test whether the NSPCC was differentiated across 6 dimensions. We combined this analysis with an overall assessment of the crowdedness of each segment to determine where NSPCC held a sector-leading position, as well as identifying where there was potential unmet need that NSPCC was well placed to play a bigger role in meeting.

So far…

Presented findings to Executive Board and Trustees as part of ongoing strategic discussions






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