The Challenge

When charities and social enterprises embark on major change and innovation, they’re faced with so many challenges and opportunities, from working with the right people and partners, to building the culture and capabilities of the organisation, to finding ways to sustain new capabilities and ways of working, to becoming a stronger and more connected part of an ecosystem.

Our response

We’re providing specialist innovation, commercial and strategy support to five charities, helping them unearth their ambitions and challenges, prioritise their needs and design strategies to meet these needs. The charities are Children 1st, Aberlour, The Children Society, NCVO and Open Food Network.

What we’re doing

Working though existing plans, challenging assumptions and exploring new potential directions and opportunities.

Identifying the big priorities and focusing on the next things that they need to learn about.

Supporting recruitment of new people and developing new capabilities.

Trying to find ways to build connections with those that share ambitions, embarking on joint learning and, where possible, align plans.