“The Throwback cards encourage new team leaders to feel more confident leading reflection sessions, and they take some of the cringe out of reflection.”

Wave leader in Swindon

The Challenge

Guided reflection is an integral part of the National Citizen Service experience – a national 4-week programme attended by over 100,000 young people each year. But currently these sessions aren’t run in a consistent, engaging way by the diverse network of youth organisations that deliver the programme across the country.

“Some of the activities in the Throwback pack really helped us bond as a team, especially in the first week when it felt a bit awkward opening up to each other”

Young person in Bristol

Our solution

‘Throwback’ – a toolkit to help leaders run effective, engaging and consistent guided reflection sessions with young people on NCS.

Stats and Facts

  • 3000+ Young People tested Throwback in 5 regions across the UK (2018 pilot)
  • 80+ young people and 6 team leaders tested Throwback across the UK (2017 pilot)
  • 100% of team leaders enjoyed using the new Guided Reflection kit (2017¬†pilot)
  • 75% of team leaders thought that it helped the young people in their teams to deepen their reflection skills (2017 pilot)