The challenge

There is strength in following the lead of the margins.

Principles for Network Thinking and Action. Ogden, Curtis. 2018

When it comes to working together with others towards shared social impact goals, there’s a huge number of different approaches, theories and frameworks to help you get it right. Each comes with a set of ‘best practice’ principles aimed at creating the conditions for collective progress. There’s lots to be explored, unpacked and adapted, and c can feel overwhelming.

Our response

Having reviewed a handful of approaches, we’ve surfaced a set of 10 principles for making collective progress. This review is by no means exhaustive but we hope it allows for and inspires deeper and wider reflection in your own collective efforts.

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This was made possible through funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.


Making collective progress: Towards shared ambitions for social change

February 24, 2022

Looking to collaborate for social change? Here’s a review of existing approaches and principles to get you started.



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