Making recycling part of the fun of festivals

“Bestival is keen to keep improving our green standards year upon year. When Shift told us about Jacques we couldn’t wait to get him his festival wristband and set him loose among the crowd – anything that encourages recycling is a welcome addition to our eco conscious event!”

Kate Jackman, Environmental Manager, Bestival

The problem

Discarded rubbish is a major problem at festivals. Whilst there are recycling points throughout the sites, they are not always on hand when someone is ready to drop their rubbish.

The Solution

A 12 meter pink dragon called Jacques Le Trash, who fed on recyclable waste at Bestival 2010 and T in the Park 2011. He brought the bins to the people and made recycling part of the festival experience.

So far…

  • 40,000 people attended Bestival, 85,000 people attended T in the Park
  • 100+ bags of rubbish collected over each weekend
  • 8000 people marked by Jacques’ bite stamp







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