The challenge

The size of the problem of child mental health is impossible for mental health professionals to deal with alone. We are working with the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families to explore how other people – from hairdressers to sports coaches, health care assistants to the police – deliver mental health support to children and families and how they can be better equipped to do this more effectively.

1.5 million children in the UK need mental health support but only 300,000 can access treatment

Centre for Mental Health

Our response

We are undertaking a rapid design process to develop and test prototypes for initiatives that engage these people in supporting the mental health of the children and young people they are in contact with.

We are:

  • Undertaking rapid research into the lives, needs and experiences of 12 audiences
  • Generating concepts through workshops with professionals from the creative industries and co-creation workshop with audience representatives
  • Developing and testing lightweight prototypes in live contexts




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