Providing digital, data and design support for charities responding to COVID-19

The challenge

Every charity across the UK is trying to deal with the enormous implications of COVID-19. Many critical face-to-face services need urgently redesigning. Staff and volunteers everywhere are going through rapid operational changes to the way they work together.

The support

Catalyst, a digital collective of which Shift is part, is making available Digital Teams to help charities who need support right now in the face of COVID-19. Catalyst Digital Teams will be made up of a combination of digital, design and data expertise, drawn from a national network of partners.

Find out more about Catalyst Digital Teams or make a request for support.

So far…

  • Shift is working with the wider Catalyst collective on a range of support, including Digital Teams
  • Catalyst Digital Teams have been launched and will be made available at no cost the charitable organisations who require their support
  • Initially, a small number of Digital Teams will be available to anchor organisations, infrastructure bodies, federated charities and organisations that support, connect or coordinate networks
  • We plan to learn quickly from working with these organisations and expand availability soon




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