Building a scalable system to support charities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

The challenge

Every charity across the UK is trying to deal with the enormous implications of COVID-19. Many critical face-to-face services need urgently redesigning. Staff and volunteers everywhere are going through rapid operational changes to the way they work together.

The support

Catalyst, a digital collective of which Shift is part, are collecting and analysing the urgent needs of UK charities in order to mobilise significant additional digital, design and data skills and expertise for the sector.

We are building a scalable system which consists of three interdependent components:

  1. Insights — helping build a shared, open and up-to-date view of the needs and challenges facing UK charities, individually and collectively
  2. Capacity — mapping and bringing together the digital, data and design resources available to respond to these needs and challenges, including online support and connecting charities with Digital Teams (agencies with digital, design and data expertise, drawn from a national network of partners) for free support.
  3. Response — harnessing this capacity to meet the needs of charities, by providing dedicated digital resource, expertise and links to sources of support across the UK

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