The opportunity

Philanthropy and grantmaking is under increased scrutiny, at a time when the role of foundations and their resources is ever more important. Whilst their funding needs to reach more and different people, there’s also great potential to make better use of and open up access to their networks, field intelligence, and power in advocacy and convening. This can be all the more impactful when foundations and funders are able to work collectively.

We think design has a particularly useful and unique role to play in evolving the field of philanthropy

Foundation Design Lab founders

Our contribution

The Foundation Design Lab is a space to foster better funding practice through design – supporting philanthropy and foundations to work together to use their resources more wisely, equitably and to have the greatest impact.

So far:

  • Development of a set of guiding design principles for funding
  • Three open enquiries focused on key themes in funding design
  • Partnerships and collaborations drawing in varied expertise and perspectives


How the Foundation Design Lab works

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How the Foundation Design Lab works





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