Obi Felton joined our board in 2014 and brings world-standard expertise in creating consumer products and businesses, based on cutting-edge technology.

In her day job, Obi works at Google, in the team behind self driving cars, internet access from stratospheric balloons, smart glasses, smart contact lenses, self-flying delivery vehicles and energy kites. As a Product Management Director for early stage Google[x] projects, she helps the scientists and engineers to take science fiction-like technology from the lab into the real world and turn it into products and businesses.

In her spare time, she is a startup mentor and angel investor, with a focus on women tech entrepreneurs. She set up Campus London, a Google-funded 50,000 sqft working/networking/training space for tech entrepreneurs.

Until she moved to California, she was Director of Consumer Marketing for Google in Europe, Middle East and Africa, which sounds like the easiest job in the world until you consider that Google has 100+ products in a region of 120+ countries as diverse as Germany, Russia, Egypt and Kenya.

Before joining Google, she set up and ran the ecommerce business of a major UK retailer, worked as a strategy consultant, and led's (unsuccessful) expansion to Germany during the first dotcom era.

Obi grew up in Berlin and saw the wall come down, then went to read Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford University. She lives in San Francisco with her husband (a beekeeper/triathlete), young son (a clown/inventor) and baby daughter (too early to tell, but high hopes that she'll be a rocket scientist/diva). She loves yoga, bicycling, travelling, contemporary art and design, cooking, eating, and her family.

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