As a Researcher at Shift, Bella uses ethnographic research methods to develop human-centred products and services. She enjoys bringing research to life through visual and impactful storytelling. She has experience in a range of qualitative research methods – including desk research, in-depth interviews, place-based ethnography, focus groups, social media tracking and online diary activities.

Bella has a BSc in Anthropology from University College London. Her studies included a year spent in Singapore studying Southeast Asian history, and gender and sexuality. Before joining Shift, Bella worked for a London-based research agency where she undertook research into inclusive and accessible design. Most recently, with the British Red Cross, she conducted research into the impact of Covid-19 restrictions.

Bella is an old soul at heart and in her spare time enjoys walks around the countryside, knitting and baking scones.

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Making collective progress: Towards shared ambitions for social change

February 24, 2022

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